The THIRD Secret

How the CIA combined with the Vatican under the Polish Pope John Paul II to launch a massive campaign to destabilise Warsaw – and how the KGB reacted by trying to kill the Pope in 1981.


The rise of the Solidarity movement in Poland in the 1980s, which began the undermining of the Soviet Bloc and the defeat of international communism, was essentially funded by the CIA covertly, through the Vatican. Pope John Paul II (elected in 1978) had a deep interest in mysticism and long believed in “the third secret” – the third piece of advice given to the eldest of the three children at Fatima (Portugal) in 1917 by an apparition of the Virgin Mary.
This secret, written down by the last surviving child, who became a nun, was revealed by the Pope in 1980 and described an avoidable apocalyptic catastrophe in Europe. Thereafter the Pope began his ideological offensive against the Soviet Bloc.

A midsummer Solidarity demonstration in Krakow when the Pope returned to his native city in June 1983. The CIA secretly funded the movement and smuggled printing and video equipment into Poland.


“In May 1981 a Turkish Mafioso, Mehmet Ali Aga, attempted but failed to kill the Pope in St Peter’s Square. western intelligence has been trying to discover who was behind the attack ever since. West has conducted the most painstaking and detailed investigation of this mystery to date… Chapters on the Solidarity movement in Poland, and the eventual victory of Solidarity, which sparked off the disintegration of European Communism,read like an entertaining adventure novel.”

Oleg Gordievsky in The Literary Review